Owner Rebecca Christie – born and raised in Buffalo, NY – brings her expertise to Niagara County with Savory Sips Inc. Customers describe the business as “an incredible and intimate wine consulting boutique that has both redefined the experience of tasting and the selection of wine.”

Christie has both her import license and retail license. This combination allows her to carry wines from small pockets of Europe that are not only fabulous-tasting, but also rare and limited in some cases. “The criteria are simple,” Christie said. “I will only have wines that score between 88 and 96 from Wine Spectator magazine. The wines have to be from producers who are skilled and consistent. I do not look for the trendy names and producers in wine, but rather for the artful, joyful, and purely silk in body, balance, and taste.”

Christie works directly with international wine brokers to help her achieve a goal. “To get the result that I want, I need to use the best products,” she said. “I have the best products the world has to offer. The greatest part is that the wines start at $11.99 and are all under $22. There are some cases where I can order and shelve higher-priced wine – but in all honesty, there is no need.”

Owner Rebecca Christie is very particular and believes that all her customers are important. If they are going to spend their hard-earned money, then it has to be only the best. In addition, Christie offers tastings and gives full explanations of the wines, producers, region, and process. “In most cases, you try before you buy,” she said. “This ensures that customers get exactly what they want and what they pay for.”

Savory Sips Inc. is usually very busy, and the owner loves that people are truly enjoying their experience. Most of the wines are exclusive to her store. Christie offers private and corporate wine tastings with pairings of cheese, seasonal fruits, and chocolates.

The owner of Savory Sips Inc. also owns Village Wine Tours, which provides all-inclusive tours along the USA Niagara Wine Trail, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Seneca Lake. All packages vary. Christie has organized tours from one to 35 people, and will custom-tailor any package to t the needs of her clients. Please call 716-946-5196 or mail Village Wine Tours at P.O. Box 281, Sanborn, NY 14132, for quotes.

Christie has a background in business, marketing, and management, and holds two college degrees. She is also CEO of RTMachined Specialties Inc., located in Niagara County. She and her husband are partners in this venture. They manufacture aerospace, medical, and defense components, and have owned the company for 15 years. Christie states, “For the most part, I am more of a silent partner now because of my passion for wine. I think I get my business-savvy and passion from my grandfather. He was from Italy in the Naples region and owned a

hotel, restaurant, and vineyard. When reading information about him, the townspeople would say that he was an honest, caring man with scores of integrity. My grandfather would say, ‘How you make people feel is the key to any successful business. Even people who are jealous of your talents and ability just want you to acknowledge them.’”

“I have to say that today, the old-world values apply every day, and I am striving to emulate my grandfather every minute,” Christie said. “Make no mistake about it, I love my business and each and every customer who crosses my path.”


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